National Limerick Day 2016

“Our novels get longa and longa
Their language gets stronga and stronga
There’s much to be said
For a life that is led
In illiterate places like Bonga”

By H.G. Wells

National Limerick Day

Today’s National Limerick Day in which we celebrate Edward Lear’s birthday. In 1846, Lear popularized limericks with the publication of his book, A Book of Nonsense.

What are Limericks

Limericks are short, humorous poems comprised of five lines with a set rhyming and rhythm pattern.

  • Rhyme pattern: The rhyming pattern for limericks is AABBA. The last word of the first, second, and fifth lines will rhyme with each other (A), and the last word in the third and forth lines will rhyme with each other (B). Let’s look at H.G. Wells’s limerick above, “longa”, “stronga”, and “Bonga” all rhyme. “Said” and “led” rhyme.
  • Rhythm pattern: The first, second, and fifth lines must be seven to ten syllables with three stressed syllables. The third and forth lines will have five to seven syllables and will have 2 stressed syllables. The italicized syllables are the stressed syllables.

Links to other limericks about book

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Let’s celebrate

Try creating a limerick and share it in the comments below. Post it to your social media accounts using #NationalLimerickDay


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